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Mar. 6th, 2005 @ 05:38 pm I love Boys, Christian boys that is......
Current Mood: dorkydorky
Current Music: Chris Tomblin
So friday night I decided to stay in then David IMed me around 10:00 and asked if I wanted to do something, so I so ok and told him to decide what we did. SO we ended up walking to Syohkia park and lying out under the stars, it was so beautiful and I so could of fallen asleep but it was little cold. So then we ended up walking back and got back to campus around 2:00. SO Susie had ROTC stuff to and Lora went home and Hannah went to clemson so I was basically stuck with the boys all weekend (darn ;)!) So David and I went to breakfast then picked up Wayne and we went shopping. First the guitar store, then Old Navy, then Wally world, and then Kroger. Then we headed back to Wayne's apartment were they made me lunch and played their guitars and sang for me! See what I mean? Christian boys are the best! They were so awesome. Then I had to babysit that night for Greg and Leslie which was fun. Then Sunday I had church, came back slept, and the went to the park to play ultimate frisbee w/ friends from church. Now I get to enjoy a night of craming for my spanish midterm and a math test tommorrow.
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