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Dec. 18th, 2004 @ 09:03 pm Home
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
So I have been home for a little over a week and its nice to be back. I started working again and its liek I never left lol! I worked with Billy the other night and he is the cutest/funniest kid. Anywayz I went to the Tomassos party at Don Carters and that was fun, got to bowl even though I am really bad lol! I got to hang out with my highschool buddies (marie, michelle, and kristen) that was fun we went to dinner and drove around like old times, and we saw Bishy and Robbie Demes. It was weird I was looking through my senior yearbook and it was awesome to look at it and be like YEAHHHH that chapter in my life is over!!! College is sososososososososo much better then highschool. Anywayz I am reading two really good books "I kissed dating goodbye" and "the great divorce" they are really good! I saw Down Here, Matthew West, and 10th Avenue north in concert they were awesome!!! 10th Avenue north was adorable!!! Anywayz I started my christmas shopping but not quite yet finished. On and different note I found out that Ben (my sisters roomate) was in a car wreck. He was driving on the interstate with his friend when his car died and was hit from behind did a 360 and landed in oncoming traffic were a semi hit him head on. By the grace of God the other guy walked out without a scratch and Ben only suffered a broken vertebre, he called my sister and he sounded ok, but it also sounded like he was still trying to process what happended. He is going to be ok, just has two stay in a brace for three months but if you can keep him in your prayers for a fast recovery that would be greatly appreciated.
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