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Going against the Norm. Rebel with a cause!
MY LIFE, with pictures
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Mar. 18th, 2005 @ 05:47 pm Not the smartest thing.....
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: James Clay
Wensday morning at about 12:30 David im's me and is like wanna go to the park? OF COURSE!!!! so we went and while laying out under the overcasted sky, I suggested we go driving lol! So we drove, yeah we drove all the way to Georgia, it was fun, we even pulled "A walk to remember" and stood in two place at the same time lol! I thought I had brought my camera and we were gonna take a picture at the Welcome to Georgia sign, but yeah def. forgot the camera, which kinda stunk. But we ended getting back at 4:30 in the morning and I had class at 9:00 def. lived on 3 1/2 hours of sleep that day. Probually won't do it again, or at least at the same time, def. wasn't the brightest idea we have had but it was def. interesting and funny to see our friends faces when we told them lol!
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Mar. 6th, 2005 @ 05:38 pm I love Boys, Christian boys that is......
Current Mood: dorkydorky
Current Music: Chris Tomblin
So friday night I decided to stay in then David IMed me around 10:00 and asked if I wanted to do something, so I so ok and told him to decide what we did. SO we ended up walking to Syohkia park and lying out under the stars, it was so beautiful and I so could of fallen asleep but it was little cold. So then we ended up walking back and got back to campus around 2:00. SO Susie had ROTC stuff to and Lora went home and Hannah went to clemson so I was basically stuck with the boys all weekend (darn ;)!) So David and I went to breakfast then picked up Wayne and we went shopping. First the guitar store, then Old Navy, then Wally world, and then Kroger. Then we headed back to Wayne's apartment were they made me lunch and played their guitars and sang for me! See what I mean? Christian boys are the best! They were so awesome. Then I had to babysit that night for Greg and Leslie which was fun. Then Sunday I had church, came back slept, and the went to the park to play ultimate frisbee w/ friends from church. Now I get to enjoy a night of craming for my spanish midterm and a math test tommorrow.
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Mar. 4th, 2005 @ 06:46 pm Beautiful Days....
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Church Punks, AudoAdreniline
I felt like such a hippies. Yesterday after classes (it was a gorgeous day) Dacid took Hannah and me to the park. Me and Hannah did our homework and David played his guitar for us. It was so relaxing, the sun was shining, it was like 50 degrees, and David can play the guitar pretty well. Then he helped, wait let me rephrase that, he did my math homework. You gotta love boys, escpecially when it comes to math :)
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Mar. 1st, 2005 @ 10:41 am Life is awesome!!!
Current Mood: contentContent with Life
Current Music: Big Daddy Weave
So this week was awesome, as usual. Lets see on thursday I saw this guy who I met last semester at swing dancing. He had remembered my name but I had totally forgot his. So second semester comes, I see him at swing dancing last monday finally find out his name, greg. I saw him on thursday, chatted a little bit. asked if I was going swing dancing, then departed on our own ways. Alright this past weekend, was well how do I put it....Incredible. Friday stayed on campus, hit up the gym with Lora, and then slept over hannah's room. We had to wake up @ 6:00 to help out at the garage sale @ 6:30. Then worked the garage sale at the Cambell's house with Lora, hannah, kim, miranda, holly, brittney, aron, harlend, and matthew. It was much fun, we then went back to campus to get ready because Kevin was picking us up and we were going to clean the pink house (is a house were 8 guys from VFC live in) They paid us $50, to clean and do laundry. IT was so worth it. James then cooked three kinds of chili, people came over, we ate, we danced, we played murder in the dark, and talked about how GOd was working in our lives. Sunday went to church, relaxed (oh how I love sundays). Then monday, school was school, then at night I went to crossroads for the first time. IT was so so INCREDIBLE!!! THe worship was amazing, and the Surmon was amazing! We saw David and Wayne there. They ended up driving us back, we bundled up in warmer clothes and then went to Syokia Hills park till midnight, it was so nice. Then this morning got to spend the morning with GOd, and it SNowed!!! Anywayz that pretty much about covers it, got to get to class. BIo lecture :(
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Feb. 22nd, 2005 @ 07:34 pm Adventures in Knoxvegas........
Current Mood: amusedamused
So last night I was bored after swing dancing. I was talking to David at like 12:30 AM and he was like well I will go to the park..... YES! I thought to myself I am so up for that! So he called me when he was down in the lobby with was like 12:50 AM and so this begins my adventure in Knoxvegas. SO the park is off campus but it is in walking distant. So we walked to the park and didn't stop we walked on these really dark, kinda spooky trails, went to the train track bridge were you can watch the trains go underneath you, then we started walking on this one trail were we didn't know were it lead, needless to say it led us to Kingstin Pike which is the main road that leads back to Campus, so you either head one direction on kingston and it will head back to campus or you head the opposite and it will head into town with all the shops (keep in mind its a good 3 miles stretch either way) so David was like this way will lead back to campus, I questioned him but he said he was right, well he wasn't we ended up walking in the wrong direction and we were soon into town, lol! we had good conversation though, so he decided he wanted to stop by Kroger because it was open 24 hours, so we went and he bought breakfast because by this time it was 3:00 in the morning, so we headed back towards campus, needless to say we got back at 4:00 in the morning I head of to bed, woke up at 7:00 to go to the gym (I still had to do weights), and was until recently I was living off 3 hours of sleep. But it was worth it!
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Feb. 20th, 2005 @ 02:08 pm "Love of a jealous kind...."
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Jermey Camp
Wow, so I haven't updated in quite some time. There hasn't been to much happening, then again there has been enough happening to were I don't have time to update, but anywayz. School work has def. gotten more demanding, but so far so good. I couldn't have been blessed with a better group of friends. The flu had been going around pretty badly here and of course I got it, but my friends did everything to take care of me. I felt very loved. My sister, Ann, came and visited me last weekend which was awesome! VFC had a valetines party were the boys hosted it for the girls, they are so cute, they parked your cars, handed you flowers at the door, took your order, cooked and served your food, pulled out your chairs, and pretty much everything else you could think of, then they had a live swing dance band and everyone danced. But instead of attending this I waited for my sister and then we went out to dinner, it was refreshing though to be with family. Ok, so friday night instead of staying on campus I decided I would go to my friends care group. So paul picks us up, and I was like paul I get car sick really easliy so, there is you forwarning, if I say pull over I am not kidding. So paul was driving matt's car and he had to go to the church office to pick up his car then head off to the Elligdes. By the time we got to the church office we had already been on the road vor like 20 mins and I had sat in the back so I was kinda feeling sick, so I decided to sit up front in pauls car. So we are driving and I felt it coming, so I was like paul your gonna have to pull over, well the only problem was that paul was in the left lane and he couldn't get over. Then I was like "Paul I am not kidding your gonna have to get over." and he responds "I can't" so I rolled down my window stuck out my head, and yep you guessed it, barf all over the side of his car lol! SO I came back in and the first thing I said was "I hope they have a hose." lol! His face was absoluetly priceless! Needless to say I felt pretty bad when he went and cleaned it off himself, but he didn't care about it. Those VFC guys are such a catch. lol!
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Jan. 21st, 2005 @ 06:17 pm "Give me a kiss"
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Rascal FLats
Been getting alot of work for my classes. I am taking 16 hrs as appose to 12hrs from last semester. But I like it because it keeps me busy. I love my mommy she is awesome, if we were the same age she would so be my best friend! Anywayz I should be getting my snowboard shipped to me soon, so everyone wish me luck when I hit up the slopes. :) I spanish class with John (Bonnies bf) and he is so funny, he has one of those surfer guy personalties. So our teacher talks in spanish the whole time and its kinda nice to have someone just as lost as I am lol! Everything is pretty good, it's suppose to snow on sunday so that will be cool, will hopefully go sledding for the first time if it does. AHH! I am going to the Toby Mac concert on sunday (if you don't know who he is, he is a really good christian artist, formally in the band DC Talk.) Anywayz I am going with Susie and a family from church. Should be fun, and hopefully next weekend we will be going horseback riding, which is always hilarious.
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Jan. 17th, 2005 @ 04:44 pm Back
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: RelientK
SO I got back to school and started classes last week. So far so good. My classes are pretty good and I think I will probually end up liking them better then last semester. My sister came and visited me this weekend. We had so much fun, we went to Gatlinburg all day Sat. and Sunday. I miss her already :( Anywayz it feels good to be back and see all my friends. The only part that stinks is it is getting cold , it was 19 degrees this morning!!! And we had snow flurries last night, I am so not used to bundling up and I feel wierd wearing a scarf but I think I will get used to it pretty fast lol!
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Dec. 18th, 2004 @ 09:03 pm Home
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
So I have been home for a little over a week and its nice to be back. I started working again and its liek I never left lol! I worked with Billy the other night and he is the cutest/funniest kid. Anywayz I went to the Tomassos party at Don Carters and that was fun, got to bowl even though I am really bad lol! I got to hang out with my highschool buddies (marie, michelle, and kristen) that was fun we went to dinner and drove around like old times, and we saw Bishy and Robbie Demes. It was weird I was looking through my senior yearbook and it was awesome to look at it and be like YEAHHHH that chapter in my life is over!!! College is sososososososososo much better then highschool. Anywayz I am reading two really good books "I kissed dating goodbye" and "the great divorce" they are really good! I saw Down Here, Matthew West, and 10th Avenue north in concert they were awesome!!! 10th Avenue north was adorable!!! Anywayz I started my christmas shopping but not quite yet finished. On and different note I found out that Ben (my sisters roomate) was in a car wreck. He was driving on the interstate with his friend when his car died and was hit from behind did a 360 and landed in oncoming traffic were a semi hit him head on. By the grace of God the other guy walked out without a scratch and Ben only suffered a broken vertebre, he called my sister and he sounded ok, but it also sounded like he was still trying to process what happended. He is going to be ok, just has two stay in a brace for three months but if you can keep him in your prayers for a fast recovery that would be greatly appreciated.
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Dec. 5th, 2004 @ 12:57 am I am understood?
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
"Sometimes its embarrissing to talk to you/to hold a conversation with
the only who sees right through/this version of myself
I try to hind behind/I'll bury my face because my disgrace will leave me terrified/and sometimes I am so thankful for your loyalty/your love regardless of the mistakes I make will spoil me/my confindence, is in a sense, a gift you've given me/and I'm satisfied to realize you're all I'll ever need"

Pretty much a lazy day. Last night was fun went to Pigeon Fordge and Gatlinburg with Hannah, Lora, and Wayne def. some good times. I packed today getting ready to come home, my sister is coming to pick me up on Monday. On Saturday I am going to see "Down Here" in concert I am so very excited! Well kinda tired, got church in the morning.
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